Moms Celebrate "Twilight's" Evil, Danger, Bad Boys, Seduction, & Mom-Daughter Hi-5ing The Hot Guys

Posted: Nov 20, 2009 4:37 PM
Sure, I may be an overly-sensitive Christian who needs to understand what's really good and redemptive about "Twilight," but this segment is a massive red flag.

In 3 minutes and 45 seconds MSNBC, US Weekly, a mother and a daughter celebrated (with high-fives) the red contacts worn by a mother portraying the "bad vampires in the movie;" exclaimed that mothers and daughters can "exchange high-fives over how hot the guy was" in the movie; they applaud the "ultimate bad-boy" attractive to "girls of all age groups;" they say what works about this movie is the "seductive" portrayal of "the bad side of people -- their evil -- they're dangerous, but they look like humans "and that's why it works so well" and "people can't get enough of it" [MTV's capitalizing on this "craze," of course]; finally, we are told that the success of this film is not like "The Lord of the Rings [you're telling me]," it's because of... love?!

I fear for us. Thank God there is a Light for us to see as the world becomes darker.