"Gay Days" at Disneyland

Posted: Oct 05, 2009 11:22 AM
I go to Disneyland to escape: Mickey ears stamped with the stars and stripes; middle class families who don't consider curse words a part of good communication; and a definite lack of half-dressed punks trying to make up for something missing in their lives. All these old-school values placed in the middle of the greatest theme park in the world and you have yourself a reason to get a season pass -- I've had one for four years.

On Saturday, my good friend and I arrived at a different Disneyland. As soon as we entered the park I could feel and see it. It was time for the annual "Gay Days" at Disneyland, which lasts a long four days. Per usual, the homosexual community had to shove their sexual preference(s) down everyone's throat -- in more ways than one. First, their public displays of affection were beyond inappropriate for any social setting, let alone Disneyland. Second, in order to stand out from the ordinary attendees, they all wore red shirts. Third, what was on those shirts said more about homosexual values and what they consider decent conduct at a family theme park than it did about their "special" day. The tame shirts declared "Legalize Gay" and "Gay Days '09." Unfortunately, the "best" ones I failed to photograph. Here's two examples: "My Boyfriend Is Gay, And He Is Still Better Than You" (worn by an 18-year-old while holding hands with her "gay" boyfriend); and the "7 Gays" group consisting of "Sleazy" and "Easy" plastered across their chests. (See pictures after the jump)
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There was red everywhere you looked -- except during the evening flag ceremony. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. Patriotic songs are sung while both the U.S. and California flags are taken down and folded for the night; veterans step out from the crowds as their military branch is called in order to receive thanks and applause. I looked around to see how many red-shirted Americans chose to take part: two. Furthermore, these two were they only ones I did not see singing the Star Spangled Banner with the rest of approximately 500 people; one of the many revealing moments from the gays during their fabulous "Gay Day." The pictures below are quite revealing too.

"Let's be really gay. Show our 'jazz hands' in this one!" declared one of the "Gay Days" participants before this was snapped.

These speak for themselves:

This is how we felt:

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