Bette Midler Warns Glenn Beck Could Set Off a Rwanda-Like Civil War in U.S.; Faults Education System UPDATE: Beck Responds

Posted: Sep 30, 2009 12:00 PM
Here's Hollywood insight so stupid it required correction from Joyless Behar. Behar premiered her first CNN show with guest and fellow intellectual powerhouse Bette Midler on Tuesday to the delight of liberal Democrats all over America. Besides her crystal ball prediction regarding a U.S. Rwanda-like bloodbath, note where Midler puts the blame regarding all the imperfections in the U.S.

Midler's blaming educators for societal imperfections highlights the thinking of liberals: Everything can be fixed and perfected with 10-plus years of baptism in the waters of liberal brainwashing. My hope is that this and many other recent incidences of liberal brainwashing will slow the occurrence in which the stupid mantra of how great the teaching profession is, how important an education is, and how they are not paid enough; yada, yada, yada.

Ask yourself this: What kind of education are our kids receiving and from whom? Answers to both questions should chuck that old school slogan out the window. This ridiculous American notion that education is a value in itself and deserves all our respect and praise is very scary.

UPDATE: Liberals commenting appear shocked that I do not think education is a value in itself so I have a question for them: If our public schools were dominated by a conservative-Christian world view and not a liberal-secular one, would you still be shocked? Furthermore, an education can be incorrect, biased, or simply evil (see Nazi Youth, Mao's Cultural Rev, et al). Finally, if liberals truly value "diversity," shouldn't that value be represented in the world views of our educators?

In conclusion, I repeat: Education is not a value in itself.

UPDATE: Here's Glenn Beck on today's radio program: