Obama: 1 Speech, 2 Faces (Medicaid & Medicare)

Posted: Aug 25, 2009 11:25 AM
More lying lies from this liar. Big HT to Ed Morrissey at HotAir who says this:

In his Portsmouth town hall on August 11th, Obama pointed to Medicare as a rousing success, while at the same time warning of its imminent collapse.

At the 17-minute mark we hear this:

Medicare and Medicaid are on an unsustainable path. Medicare is slated to go into the red in about eight to ten years. I don’t know if people are aware of that. If I was a senior citizen the thing I’d be worried about right now is Medicare starts running out of money because we haven’t done anything to make sure we are getting a good bang for our buck, when it comes to health care”.

Five minutes later:

“I do think it’s important for, particularly seniors who currently receive Medicare, to understand that if we’re able to get something right, like Medicare, then there should be a little more confidence that maybe, the government can have a role, not the dominant role, but a role in making sure the people are treated fairly when it comes to insurance.”