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Obama Lays Out The Facts At Obamacare TH: There Were No Earmarks Or Pork In My Stimulus

I knew a lie was coming because he began with one of his patented Obama cookie cutters:

“I just want to be clear…”
“Just let me be clear…”
“I’ve said repeatedly…”
“I’ve repeatedly said…”
“As I’ve said many times before….”
“There are those who…”
“We cannot continue to…”
“…the American people are on board...”

Putting this aside, I've heard him state these "facts" before. Hate to do it, but can you imagine how quick the media would have pounced on Bush if he was this much of a liar? Can you imagine how often this clip would be played next to fact after fact after fact proving how much he was lying? After this, SNL would spend a whole season mocking our liar of a president.


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