Dr. Snyderman: If America Loves The Troops, We Will Legally Restrict Their Freedom To Smoke

Posted: Jul 16, 2009 11:14 AM
This morning's 'Morning Joe' exemplified the basic tenent of liberal theology: When you know what is a better for someone else, you will legally impose your wishes on them -- in the name of love, of course. This could be said another way: We love you, hence, we will treat you like a baby.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman shared these liberal sentiments with the cast of MSNBC's morning show today, and I was wondering, in the name of love, who's going to impose these smoking commandments on the President of the United States? Will the liberal nannies be able to trump their nanny-in-chief? And does said nanny-in-chief know what is best for his health or does he choose to ignore the consequences because America was founded on the freedoms to make wise or stupid decisions. BTW: The freedom in America to make a wise or stupid decision is made possible by the troops who shouldn't be allowed the same respect -- according to Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her do-gooding liberal cohorts (see Mika).

PS: This segment is made possible thanks to the Mike Gallagher radio show.

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