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Michele Bachmann posted on this below. It appears from the clip that former Inspector General, Gerald Walpin is keeping his lips tight, but his demeanor is pretty revealing. The media too, are keeping their lips tight, but for a whole other purpose. I hate to be cliche, but imagine -- wait,
we don't have to imagine -- President Bush firing staffers without a detailed explaination. What would the media do? Would it be reported 24/7 by the Bush-bashing taking heads? Indeed.

So far, the story of Obama's firing of Walpin rests with the tumbleweeds. Finally, note that Bush did not need an explanation because the U.S. Attorney's he fired were not chosen by him. Note too, that the media scrutiny paid to Bush for his firing 8 U.S. Attorney's was not shared with their Bubba when he canned 93, in 1993.

[H/T: Russell Shubin]

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