Liberal Groups Band Together To Push Obamacare

Posted: Jun 02, 2009 12:18 PM
From the ABC storyA coalition of liberal and progressive groups announced today plans to spend "at least $82 million this year on working to support President Obama's plan and get a guarantee of quality affordable health care for all passed this year and in this Congress."

What can we do? To combat this stealth attack on private health insurance, The Mike Gallagher Show - with great advice from the National Center for Policy Analysis (the think tank that helped kill HillaryCare) - has created a "Free Our Health Care NOW!" petition. The purpose is simple; get enough US citizens to sign it, and deliver the petition to The US Congress and let our elected officials know that we want MORE CHOICE in our health care, not LESS, and want to stop the increased role of government in our health care system. [H/T: Charlie Richards]