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Thomas Jefferson:

-“The doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend all to the happiness of man.”

-“I am a Christian in the only sense in which He wished anyone to be: sincerely attached to His doctrines in preference to all others.”


-“I am a real Christian – that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.”  

From the story: "A U.S. court says a kindergartner's mother cannot read Scripture during show and tell, even if the Bible is the boy's favorite book.  Monday's ruling is a victory for the Marple Newtown School District in suburban Philadelphia." 

What a disgrace! The "separation of church and state" issue is 90 percent PC and 10 percent truth. Tell me, where in the First Amendment of the Constitution does it infer a kid can't share his favorite book (the Bible) with his class during show-and-tell? This is agenda-driven and not truth-driven. No wonder the private schools and home schooling numbers, and their rates of success, continue to increase while the public schools continue to fail.

Exit Question: How would Sotomayor rule?

[H/T: Charlie Richards]

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