Coulter To Latino Panel: My Sotomayor Answer Will Be Best Because I'm White

Posted: May 30, 2009 11:25 PM
Coulter was on Geraldo's FOX show today discussing the Sotomayor hub-bub with Los Angeles mayor and former leader of MEChA; an organization -- like La Raza -- that believes most of the Southwest United States needs to be returned to Mexico. Moreover, joining the Latino panel was Hollywood celebrity-activist, Rosie Perez (she starred in White Men Can't Jump, 1992), and the Bush-appointed, first Latino to serve as United States Attorney General.

I pulled the two best parts of the segment: the first one is in the title; the second one Coulter mocks the incessant mention of Sotomayor's Latin heritage. Unfortunately, for Rosie Perez, her reaction was caught on the split screen.