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Coulter On Sotomayor: Clarence Thomas & Miguel Estrada's Backgrounds Didn't Impress Democrats. Were They Racists?

I've never seen Carville so weak in a debate. His poor performance wrests more in his shallow Obama Administration talking points than in his skill. Obama and his media foot soldiers have been regurgitating the same rhetoric; putting all focus on Sotomayor's impressive academic and diverse personal background. Coulter points out the obvious: Thomas and Estrada had just as much of an impressive academic and diverse background, but they were vilified. Touche, Ann.

Ever since the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, media figures like GMA's Diane Sawyer have been trying to pin conservatives in a corner -- oh so subtly -- in order to expose either Latino or female bigotry. The same tactic was used with President Barack Obama. Talking heads would say, "Putting politics aside, aren't you excited about the first black man running for President of the United States?" Well, Ann finally calls out Sawyer's intellectually bankrupt, liberally-based more than identity-based talking points. Let's hope Ann's perspective is contagious.

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