'Normal' 18-Year-Old Daughter Of SS Marriage Couple: 'It Sucks They Can't Love Each Other!'

Posted: May 26, 2009 3:03 PM
CNN was ready when the ruling came down with this sympathy segment. The trio's talking points provided their cause with no intellectual justice; but their presence, per usual, provided emotional appeal.

UPDATE: About an hour after the above segment, CNN interviewed Rev. Miles McPherson, Pastor of Rock Church in San Diego (Miss CA, Carrie Prejean's home church and Pastor). You may notice a difference in the style of interviewing; it appears to be a game of softball vs. harball. I'm sure CNN considers their "balance" to be the rooted in the fact that they invited both sides of the political spectrum, not that they failed to be equally objective with their questions. Also, notice the extra minute and a half given to the same-sex marriage family to share their views and opinions with America -- minus any challenging questions, of course.