Soldier-Killer's Father Blames Military For Son's Murder Rampage

Posted: May 13, 2009 4:26 PM
CNN interviews Sgt. John Russell's father and son; their answers are typical, detestable, yet, understandable. Army Sgt. Russell is accused of killing five fellow soldiers in Iraq. Sgt. Russell's son (John Jr.) excused his father with a few cliches: "that wasn't him"; "he's a good person"; "it's not him."

The murderer's father replaced his grandson's cliches by demonstrating his psychic ability; here are a few examples: "they probably told him things"; "they might have said..."; "they might have told him, 'We'll getcha! We'll getcha!'"

This whole thing is sad, tragic, and evil. I understand the responses from the father and son; that doesn't mean I like what they said. This murderer deserves no excuses or hypothetical loop-holes.

CNN's Sanchez points out in the final seconds: "The guy has not had a stellar military record." Add this understatement next to Sgt. Russell's list of excuses and loop-holes.