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I'm so sick of identity politics. This customary act of Democrats who wish to discuss the replacement of Justice Souter on the Supreme Court always starts and ends with the emphasis on race and gender -- add class and you got the liberal Democrat's holy trinity.

No one derives his or her values from their skin pigment or genitalia. What shapes man's values more than anything else is faith -- or lack thereof -- and their family, but I don't hear anyone stressing the importance of nominating a Justice from a nuclear atheist family, or a Protestant family -- wait, Coulter did that on Friday night (there are no Protestants on the SC). The reason behind Democrat's focusing on race and gender (female) for the Supreme Court spot is to pander by assuring the American people that Democrats have compassion and an open attitude; that they respect "diversity."

Specter stating blacks are underrepresented on the Supreme Court is close to BS. Blacks populate 12 to 13 percent of our country. 11 percent of our court is black (Thomas). Does this mean there will be an over representation problem if another black is appointed? Identity politics is rooted in the Democrat's holy trinity of race, class, and gender -- it is the foundation of their party, and I can't wait for this sandcastle to crumble.

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