Gibbs: Justice Souter Replacement Must Have Experience & 'Empathy' UPDATE: Reporter: Souter's Replacement Must Have Empathy?

Posted: May 01, 2009 3:18 PM
More than any other qualification mentioned at today's White House presser was the qualification of "experience." As we harmoniously asserted in the 80s: No duh! What else? Gibbs tells us "empathy." Empathy! That is a liberal code word for many things relating to the judicial system. Here are two examples: The "living and breathing" Constitution and legislating from the bench.

Bottom line: If you want a job that requires empathy, become a community organizer because judges aren't supposed to "feel your pain," they are supposed to interpret the law. Period.

Here's Gibbs vocalizing things to come...

UPDATE: Here's FOX News' Major Garrett asking THE question. Gibbs fails to give AN answer.