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Garofalo & Olby Discuss 'Racist' 'Rednecks' Who 'Hate The Black Guy In The WH' -- Bonus: More 'Tea Bagging' Double Entendre

Left-wing activist, actress, and former Air America radio personality Janeane Garofalo teamed-up with Olby again for some "redneck" smearing. Olby spent the first three minutes using--what else--
"Tea Bagging" double entendre. Fortunately for his viewers, this was just the beginning.

As soon as Garofalo is introduced she immediately begins tarring the Tea Party "racists" and their conservative ideology. Garofalo declared that "conservatives" are "confused and angry," before following-up with the predictable: "These guys hate the black guy in the White House." Olby replied matter-of-factly: "Yea." 

The segment is all downhill, but the ride if fun--if you bring a sense of humor.

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