Gay Rev. White Says Non-Lib Churches Preach Anti-Gay, Fundamentalist Lies Abt Sexual Orientation

Posted: Apr 14, 2009 2:40 PM

Seventeenth-century French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650) believed that God moderates reason. That is to say, faith prevents man from falling deeply into error. Indeed. The rhetoric coming from the mouth of Rev. Mel White is so antithetical to the life and mission of Jesus Christ that I must insist he find a more tolerant faith, make up a new one, or take a good look at the words of The One he is supposed to be following. 

Whatever Rev. White does, he needs to stop telling us what Jesus really believes unless he is willing to start with our sin, repenting and turning from sin, and Jesus as our only hope for salvation. That's why Jesus came. That is why He died. But I'm sure these are just "fundamentalist" points of view.

If you care to reference, here is yesterday's discussion on Dobson, Rick Warren, and same-sex marriage.