Michael J. Fox: Not Honest About Obama & Embryo Experimentation

Posted: Apr 10, 2009 4:44 PM
If Michael J. Fox was being intellectually honest here, he would have not said President Bush's reason for denying federal sponsorship towards embryonic stem cell research was for "largely political reasons." If Michael J. Fox were to put aside his understandably passionate views towards finding a Parkinson's cure, and took an objective look at the reasons for President Bush's decision to deny funding [video and transcript of his 2001 speech], would he not see Bush's reasons were not political but moral and ethical?

Fox obviously regards Obama's decision to lift Bush's ban on embryonic stem cell funding as a moral and ethical decision. That's fine for the sake of this argument. But what Fox failed to be bothered by in this interview was Obama's decision to ban an order passed by President Bush that allowed federal funding on adult stem cell research. If Fox truly has an "it can't hurt" mind-set, why does this Obama decision not trouble him? If Fox thinks experimenting on human embryos is "not about ethical concerns," why doesn't he have a beef with Obama's decision to ban federal funding on a safer and more productive line of adult stem cells? Does Fox regard Obama's decision to ban a more successful and safer method of stem cell research--adult stem cells--as a "political reason?" More to the point, is Michael J. Fox's decision not comment a "political reason?"