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Daniel Hannan Asks G20 Protester 'I Know What You Are Against. What Are You For?'

Townhall's Jillian Bandes posted Daniel Hannan's awesome roasting of PM Gordon Brown before the European Parliament on March 26. Here he is describing a face-to-face with one of those G20 protest punks.

I know most of these bloodied buffoons can't string together a coherent line of reasoning but it seems that MSNBC found a 12-year-old protestor who knew what she was for: "The death of capitalism." I acknowledge that the girl's answer may still beg the question, but with a little creativity I'm sure we can think of a few economic systems that she and her comrades might identify as being for.

Exit question: It would have been interesting to hear if this girl felt her anger was "populist."

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