ABC Plants Gay Couple In NJ Bar 'To Test America's Tolerance Level'

Posted: Mar 25, 2009 1:37 PM
Here's ABC's write-up on their segment. I would love to see ABC produce this flip-side scenario: ABC plants two early twenties Christian men in a homosexual bar. The location is San Francisco's Castro District--aka "The Castro." The Castro is considered the world's best known homosexual neighborhood. 

To make it obvious that these men are Christians they will each be carrying Bibles and will pray at the bar before they eat. During the meal they will be reading their Bibles and sharing their reads with each other. If asked what they are doing they are free to share their faith and beliefs with the questioneer. Next to the Christian men, ABC will plant a lone homosexual man who will stir the pot by harassing the Christians--this will promote "gay bonding." Finally, at the opposite end of the bar ABC will post a homosexual couple being as open and candid about their sexuality as the Christians are about their faith.

If you are wondering what would happen look no further than HERE. These are young Christians who dared to enter The Castro and talk about Jesus Christ. Here's O'Reilly interviewing one of the Christians who ventured into The Castro.  I wonder if there was a single homosexual soul defending the rights of these Christians? Unlike the heterosexuals defending the homosexual couple in the NJ bar, I see no homosexuals defending the Christians in The Castro. I heard no direct threats to the homosexual couple in NJ but I did hear direct threats to the Christians in The Castro.

Remember the anti-Prop 8 protest in Palm Springs? The old lady carrying a cross was being interviewed in front of what could be called a mob of homosexual activists. They ripped the cross out of her hands on live TV and began taking turns stomping it and yelling in her face. See for yourself.

There is more going on here though. Bigotry, intolerance, ignorance and hate are shared by all of humanity. ABC's goal is not to show everyone how we could be better but to showcase only a certain demographic behaving inappropriately. I would love to be proven wrong. My counter opposed scenario is free for ABC or any other media outlet to use for the benefit of everyone’s eyes and ears. I am not holding my breath.

UPDATE: "Wesley" left a comment reminding us of Dateline NBC's use of this same tactic on NASCAR fans. Instead of using homosexuals to exploit the non-minorities of America NBC used Muslim look-alikes.