Martha Raddatz's Meltdown

Posted: Nov 09, 2016 1:15 PM

Trump’s election is shaking the mainstream media to its core. Many reporters counted him out weeks, and even mere hours, before the race was called. Now, they are facing just how wrong they were and are freaking out.

Martha Raddatz was one of the media personalities who struggled with facing the reality of a Trump Presidency. When recounting a story about Tim Kaine’s son, who is currently serving as a Marine, Raddatz could not hold back her emotions. From Hot Air:

“It’s clear in the video that Raddatz is overwhelmed by the notion that a father is scared for his son’s life because he believes the commander-in-chief can’t be trusted with his life. While relaying the story, Raddatz’s voice can be heard breaking as if she was choking back tears.”

Raddatz was one of the moderators for the second presidential debate. She, like all the debate moderators, pressed Trump hard for answers, even going so far to have a back-and-forth with Trump exchange over military strategy in Syria.