The Stubborn Leading the Insane: Russia Warns North Korea

Posted: Sep 09, 2016 4:30 PM

You know it’s bad when Russia says things are going too far.

North Korea launched another nuclear test on September 9th. This isn’t the first time either. North Korea has been successful five times with these tests, two times in this year alone.

The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency spoke out condemning North Korea’s actions. He cited Resolution 2270, which “condemned in the strongest terms the DPRK’s previous nuclear test conducted on 6 January this year.” The United Nations retweeted the Director’s statements on Twitter.

North Korea: find more info on #IAEA activities in connection w/ nuclear situation in #DPRK

— IAEA (@iaeaorg) September 9, 2016

International leaders have already expressed their disapproval of North Korea’s actions. South Korea’s President Park labeled the test, “fanatic recklessness.” Our own secretary of state stated that it is, “as destabilizing as it is unlawful, flagrantly violating multiple UN security Council Resolutions and the D.P.R.K.’s own commitments.”

But what is the most surprising is that Russia, one of North Korea’s handful of allies, is also distancing itself from the nuclear tests.

The Guardian reported that the Russian foreign ministry chimed into the denouncements by saying, “We consider it to be absolutely impermissible to make public statements containing threats to deliver some ‘preventive nuclear strikes’ against opponents.”

The best part is that Russia warns its troublesome ally about pushing the international community too far. In the same statement from the Russian foreign ministry, North Korea was told to, “be aware of the fact that in this way the DPRK will become fully opposed to the international community and will create international legal grounds for using military force against itself…”

And Russia should know, seeing as they’re playing a similar game with their aggression towards Ukraine.