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The Path to Prosperity, Episode Three

I've been hoping to hear from our nation's hard-hitting, common sense, Congressional budget guru, Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, on what measures he would like to see implemented to combat our current unemployment debacle. Par for the course, the Congressman delivers specific, rational, less-is-more ideas that would help move our country in the right direction, instead of the same tired, big-government, non-solutions we're seeing in the 'American Jobs Act.' Enjoy:


[Sidebar: I like that Ryan's team is calling these occasional 'Path to Prosperity' installments 'episodes,' because, for me anyhow, it invokes that epic, do-or-die, battle-for-the-fate-of-the-galaxy feeling of the Star Wars saga (admit it - you know you thought that, too!). And frankly, here in the non-fictional universe, how much more seriously epic can it get?]


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