Rude: Pakistan Allows China to Peek at U.S. Copter

Posted: Aug 15, 2011 1:55 PM

Are you pushing the United States' buttons on purpose, Pakistan? Because I'm pretty sure the U.S. specifically asked you to not show China the wreckage of the stealth helicopter left behind after the bin Laden raid. Reuters reports:

Pakistan gave China access to the previously unknown U.S. "stealth" helicopter that crashed during the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May despite explicit requests from the CIA not to, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

The disclosure, if confirmed, is likely to further shake the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, which has been improving slightly after hitting its lowest point in decades following the killing of bin Laden.

During the raid, one of two modified Blackhawk helicopters, believed to employ unknown stealth capability, malfunctioned and crashed, forcing the commandos to abandon it.

Sorry, Pakistan - the simple adage of "finders, keepers" becomes obsolete when the parties involved have nuclear capabilities. I will go on record and say that I don't believe for a hot second that nobody in Pakistan knew about Osama bin Laden's compound. Pakistan is on terrible terms with our good buddy India, nor does Pakistan exactly come down hard on the Taliban. And while the U.S. is mindfully avoiding becoming downright foes with China, I would call us frenemies in hardcore competition for technology, economic power, and military prowess, not to mention the disdain we undoubtedly harbor for each other's systems of governance. This looks like little more than a lofty snub from Pakistan - with friends like these, who needs enemies?