Senate May Spend the 4th of July Continuing the Budget Battle

Erika Johnsen
Posted: Jun 29, 2011 7:47 PM

The deficit never sleeps, and the Senate is considering following in its stead (although whether the rest of us should sleep more or less easily is anybody's guess):

Republican senators, led by a band of upstart GOP freshmen, pushed Wednesday for the elimination of the upcoming, week-long Fourth of July recess, this as President Obama chided members, as well, for not staying in town to forge a compromise on deficit reduction. Numerous aides from both sides of the aisle have they would be surprised if the effort was not successful.

The GOP group went even further saying they will object to the chamber moving to any measure that does not relate to deficit and debt reduction.

"Our country is going bankrupt. We shouldn't be going out on a holiday," said Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc, who led the charge to oppose the break. "We're here today saying we should get back in session, but not just to be in session. We need to come back in session in the United States Senate and start addressing the problem. And until we do that, my intention...will be to continue to object and continue to withhold my consent from doing business as usual in Washington."

One after the other, the freshmen told reporters how disappointed they were after their first six months in Washington, this as the president and GOP lawmakers are deadlocked on a deficit reduction plan ahead of an early August vote to increase the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.

It seems that the Democrats are likely in agreement, so it looks as if the Senate will be spending its Independence Day in session. In his press conference earlier today, President Obama called upon Congress to quit their dilly-dallying and "get it done," although the accompaniment of a debt deal with the fireworks remains doubtful. (And I would just like to point out - to quote Gerri Willis on FoxBusiness earlier this evening - "Obama gets more vacation than a French school teacher.")