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The White House Plays a Mean Game of Dodgeball

For an administration applauded for its transparency, the Obama White House does an unusual amount of pooh-poohing at the very notion of sharing its intentions with the general public. By now, it is certainly no secret that "the most open and transparent administration in history" has drafted an executive order that would (by definition, sidestep Congress, and) require all companies bidding for government contracts to disclose their political contributions. The exact nature of the administration’s agenda, however, remains something of a mystery. ‘Reform’ and ‘greater accountability’ seem to be the justification-buzzwords de jour, but this looks more like an obvious move to dissuade businesses from using their freedom to participate in the political process (a.k.a., giving money to causes of their choice) in a manner unfavorable to the current administration.


Last week, the House joint Oversight and Small Business Committee held a hearing to discuss the proposed order, but the only transparent thing about it was White House aide Daniel Gordon’s ability to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!


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