8 Cartoons that Perfectly Capture Obama’s Last Weeks in the White House

Posted: Jan 06, 2017 12:00 PM

In two weeks, President Barack Obama will vacate the White House and President-elect Donald Trump will move in. Here are 8 cartoons that perfectly capture Obama’s remaining weeks in office. 

Lame duck. 

by Bob Gorrell 1/02/2017

Pandora’s Obama’s box.

by Gary Varvel 1/03/2017

There goes that reset button. 

by Gary Varvel 1/02/2017

Eight years, and not much has changed. 

by Bob Gorrell 12/31/2016

11th hour mandates. 

by Henry Payne 12/30/2016

The Democrats must secretly be happy there are term limits.

by Chip Bok 12/28/2016

Words of wisdom from our President?

by Steve Kelley 12/28/2016

New year, same old Obama.

by Bob Gorrell 12/28/2016