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Top 10 Cartoons That Sum Up Election Night 2016

It’s been a long couple of days - or rather several long months - but Election Day is finally behind us. Here are 10 cartoons that perfectly sum up our thoughts over the past 48 hours. 


Do we really want to do this?

Jerry Holbert 11/7/2016

This year’s alternative to the iconic “I Voted!” sticker.

Steve Kelley 11/8/2016

Who knew voting could make you feel so dirty?

Henry Payne 11/9/2016

All eyes on us.

Lisa Benson 11/8/2016

Hey Canada, you ready for all defectors?

Lisa Benson 11/8/2016

Basically every pundit on MSNBC and CNN.

Bob Gorrell 11/9/2016

Uh oh, Hillary - the forecast is looking bleak. 

Robert Ariail 11/9/2016

The light at the end of the tunnel.

Gary Varvel 11/8/2016

Let’s just take a breath before we talk 2020.

Nate Beeler 11/8/2016

“It’s time to for America to bind the wounds of division…it’s time for us to come together as one untied people.” - President-elect Donald J. Trump

Jerry Holbert 11/9/2016


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