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7 Cartoons that Nail the Media's WikiLeaks Coverage

The mainstream media hasn't exactly given comparable coverage to both the Trump and Clinton scandals. Here are seven cartoons that perfectly sum of the media’s coverage - or lack thereof - of the WikiLeaks emails. 


Ignoring the monster under the bed. 

by Lisa Benson (10/17/2016)

What happens when sex sells...

by Dana Summers  (10/17/2016)

It’s like a game of where’s Waldo.

by Bob Gorrell (10/17/2016)

How convenient. 

by Gary Varvel (10/17/2016)

It's like an awful twist on a classic tune. 

by Glenn McCoy (10/12/2016)

“When you’re a star…”

by Robert Ariail (10/12/2016)

It’s all about the “framing”.

by Ken Catalino (9/1/2016)

Trump’s name is slapped in bold on the front page of every major newspaper, while news of John Podesta’s leaked emails is buried ten stories deep under a mountain of tax returns, lewd audio, and accusations of sexual assault. The Trump scandals are certainly newsworthy, but - as these cartoons point out - the media shouldn't be using them as a shield to protect Clinton from her own indiscretions.


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