7 Cartoons that Nail the Media's WikiLeaks Coverage

Posted: Oct 24, 2016 10:00 AM

The mainstream media hasn't exactly given comparable coverage to both the Trump and Clinton scandals. Here are seven cartoons that perfectly sum of the media’s coverage - or lack thereof - of the WikiLeaks emails. 

Ignoring the monster under the bed. 

by Lisa Benson (10/17/2016)

What happens when sex sells...

by Dana Summers  (10/17/2016)

It’s like a game of where’s Waldo.

by Bob Gorrell (10/17/2016)

How convenient. 

by Gary Varvel (10/17/2016)

It's like an awful twist on a classic tune. 

by Glenn McCoy (10/12/2016)

“When you’re a star…”

by Robert Ariail (10/12/2016)

It’s all about the “framing”.

by Ken Catalino (9/1/2016)

Trump’s name is slapped in bold on the front page of every major newspaper, while news of John Podesta’s leaked emails is buried ten stories deep under a mountain of tax returns, lewd audio, and accusations of sexual assault. The Trump scandals are certainly newsworthy, but - as these cartoons point out - the media shouldn't be using them as a shield to protect Clinton from her own indiscretions.