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Bristol Palin's Awkward Interview

Bristol Palin's interview with Greta Van Susteren was painful to get through. I'm sure she's been plagued with interview requests but seemed reluctant to grant her first to Fox News.

In between eye aversions and like, not wanting to get into personal details, Bristol gave us no more insight than a typical confession segment on the Real World. She said she wanted to "prevent" teen pregnancy but called abstinence an "unrealistic" way to think because "its more accepted now" to have sex outside of marriage at a young age. Van Susteren reminded that Bristol's mother supports abstinence-only education. Bristol sounded just like herself -- a teenager who just had a baby out of wedlock.

Bristol's assertion that keeping the baby was her choice -- and hers alone -- was one of the only highlights of the interview. Van Susteren did not ask whether she considered herself pro-life, but the former statement may have been implicit.

While XX Factor called Sarah Palin's awkward interview drop in "creepy, domineering, and inappropriate," I just thought it was silly. The Governor, who didn't even sit down, came by merely to say it wasn't an "ideal situation" but that the baby was "lucky" to have Bristol for a mom.

So Bristol Palin has spoken and Tripp has been seen by the world. Here's to hoping I avoid anymore cringe-worthy interviews like this one.

UPDATE: So the appearance by Gov. Palin was unplanned and unexpected, according to Greta. She was just there to drop off the baby and Greta snagged a few questions while she could, which explains the coat and the stand-up interview.

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