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Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman got just what she wanted and we gave it to her. In the Daily Beast, Tina Brown criticized the "freak hungry media" yesterday for "rewarding [Suleman's] delinquency" and eeked in some Sarah Palin hate at the same time. Brown is just like everyone else, cashing in on the sensationalism and the bump of all baby bumps photograph.

How could Palin make Suleman think mothering multiple children was so carefree, Brown asks. Shame on her. Palin didn't inform us "how she was really coping backstage... the friction of a boot-faced pregnant teenager and a school-deprived seven-year-old made to tote around her dazed four-month-old baby brother."  The happily married and successful Palin has nothing to do with Suleman. The woman already had six children before the eight anyway. 

Brown also mentions the full-lipped Angelina Jolie, whom Suleman so resembles, but Jolie doesn't deserve blame or criticism either. She is rich but also a sane, capable mother who rescued children and does many valuable things with her good fortunes. Nadya Suleman is a woman with some serious mental instabilities.

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