The New York Times Goes After Amy Coney Barrett's Adopted Children

Posted: Oct 19, 2020 11:20 AM
The New York Times Goes After Amy Coney Barrett's Adopted Children

Source: Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

Throughout the past week, the nation got to know Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her family as she navigated the pressure cooker of Supreme Court confirmation hearings. What we learned was that Barrett is not just an eminently qualified juror, she is also a woman of deep moral conviction who opened her home to two adopted children. 

As Barrett said herself multiple times throughout the hearings, she did not want to put her family of seven children under the microscope by accepting the nomination to the Court, but she felt it was her duty to serve her country. And her children support her. The reports and smears from the Left, however, had already left their mark; she expressed disgust at some of the horrible things being said about her, her faith, and her family, particularly her adopted children. 

Almost unbelievably, Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats left Barrett's adoptive process and her children's stories out of the hearings, choosing instead to frame up Barrett as a death blow to Obamacare and abortion on demand. But where the Democrats declined to stoop so low as to scorn Barrett and her husband for their adoptive reasoning and process, the New York Times was happy to step in. 

"Judge Barrett has talked about their adoptions regularly in public speeches. She was inspired to adopt, she once explained, because 'there are so many children in need,'" the Times wrote. "Just as everything with her nomination, the adoptions have been hard to totally separate from the politics of the moment."

Actually, it shouldn't be difficult to separate the children of public figures from whatever "political moment" the Times thinks it's talking about. However, the Left has never tired of making assumptions about Barron Trump and the NYT's own internet culture writer Taylor Lorenz has been excoriated for her coverage of Kellyanne Conway's teenage daughter. So, it seems, using Judge Barrett's children as political pawns is in line with their own low brow practices. 

The profile of Barrett's adoptions in the NYT goes on to detail the agency she used and quotes other families as having concern over how Barrett's kids are actually doing. The agency used by the Barretts, A New Arrival Inc., was criticized by the NYT because it has been discredited in the time since Barrett's adoption of her son. 

The fate of A New Arrival Inc., in a time in which foreign adoptions face mounting bureaucratic red tape, is one that many other agencies have faced in recent years, robbing children of a new life with parents who want them, often for political purposes

Despite the Left's total opposition to the nuclear, Christian family so beautifully exemplified by Amy Coney Barrett and her husband Jesse since the moment she was nominated to the Supreme Court, there is nothing about her adoptions that is less than loving and beautiful. 

Rather than being an example of any type of political malfeasance, Barrett's beautiful family is the profile of love, grace, and inclusion that should not be criticized but uplifted. The profile by the NYT is yet another instance of corporate media stooping to any low they deem necessary in order to further their chosen political agenda. 

Update: Senate Majority Leader McConnell responded to the NYT's piece about Judge Barrett's children on Monday, you can read that here

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