'This is My City': Former Marine Has a Message for Antifa Thugs Terrorizing Portland

Posted: Jul 24, 2020 1:25 PM
'This is My City': Former Marine Has a Message for Antifa Thugs Terrorizing Portland

Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger

A former United States Marine and Portland, Oregon native took to the streets this week to stand against violent protesters who have commanded headlines for almost two months.

Waving an American flag, veteran Gabriel Johnson stated down the crowd of Antifa thugs as they laid waste to the federal courthouse building and surrounding areas, daring law enforcement to intercede. Facing the crowd as they antagonized his expression of patriotism and fortitude, Johnson called for anyone standing for justice to join him.

"If you stand for justice, come stand with me!" Johnson said in the now viral video. "I'm not here to tear down...I'm not here to spray paint!" Johnson, an African American, said his use of the American flag was an attempt to connect with the protesters and have a conversation about the civil unrest.

During a Fox News appearance on Friday morning, Johnson said his attempt to call for peace and justice was met only with violence and hostility from a crowd that repeatedly insists they are "peacefully protesting."

"I was called the 'N word,' I was called 'a coon,' I was called 'Uncle Tom,'" Johnson said of the protesters claiming to be in search of racial justice. "I was attacked...not only verbally, but with a baseball bat." Fortunately, that violent attack by members of Antifa was thwarted by two bystanders. 

Asked about whether he thought Antifa had hijacked the movement for racial justice to pursue interests of anarchy and destruction, Johnson said that the people he encountered were far beyond anarchists. 

"I wouldn't call them anarchists, I would call them terrorists. Because that's exactly what they do," Johnson said. "They have infiltrated.. Black Lives Matter." A woman from Antifa who followed him all day, he said, was dressed head to toe in Black Lives Matter branded apparel. 

This week, President Trump has sent federal officers to Portland to protect the federal courthouse and other property that his been continuously attacked by Antifa mobs. The federal courthouse has been set on fire multiple times and vandalized beyond recognition. 

In an emotional moment near the end of the interview, Johnson said that despite the chaos and the hostility facing him in Portland, a city long held by far-left activists and knee-bending politicians, he wouldn't be going anywhere.

"This is my city," Johnson said, fighting against tears. "I was raised here. I will not let a bunch of terrorist thugs run me out of my city."