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Speculation over the GOP vice presidential candidates is picking up, and HighBeam Research came out with a new study showing that GOP Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has received the most media attention in that regard. The Tampa Bay Times reported:

"Meanwhile, HighBeam Research analyzed how much media attention the various VP contenders received between March 16 and April 16. Paul Ryan came out on top with 27 percent of all the media attention, which makes sense given the attention to the House budget he put together, but Rubio came in second:

Potential Romney Running Mates/ Media Attention:
Paul Ryan 26.74%
Marco Rubio 23.53%
Bob McDonnell 11.23%
Chris Christie 10.70%
Rob Portman 8.02%
Bobby Jindal 6.95%vote
Nikki Haley 6.42%
Susana Martinez 5.88%
Brian Sandoval 0.53%"

Is there a different candidate you think should be getting more attention? You can vote in our online veepstakes poll here, and also check out Townhall's Veepstakes feature in our May issue.

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