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Mitt Joined By Ann Romney Onstage at NRA Convention

GOP presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney, speaking at the NRA Annual Meeting Friday in St. Louis, kicked off his speech with a surprise introduction for his wife, Ann Romney, who unexpectedly shared a few remarks.

"Let me give a shoutout ot all moms who are working. And by the way, to all dads that are working,"said Ann Romney, who was at the center of the news cycle Thursday after a Democrat strategist attacked the mother of five with the comment that she 'never worked a day in her life.' The attack brought even the Obama administration running to Ann Romney's side.


Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, a life member of the NRA, addressed the Obama administration's attack on freedoms, including economic and personal.

Romney applauded both Rep. Darrell Issa of California and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa for helping expose the Fast and Furious scandal, and he also applauded the NRA for being at the forefront of calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign or be fired.

"I will protect the Second Amendment rights of American people," Romney declared.

Romney also said the Obama administration's assault on economic freedom is the principle reason the recovery has been so slow. He went through a list of taxes the Obama administration wants to increase or add.

He also went after what he perceives as an increase in bureaucrats infiltrating many aspects of people's lives--from farming to drilling. And, according to Romney, these unelected, unaccountable regulators are multiplying under Obama.

Romney assured the audience that the Constitution would be his guide, and the Declaration of Independence, his compass.

"The truth is, we're struggling because our government is too big," Romney said.

Romney said he'd be a staunch defender of religious freedom, drawing a contrast to the Obama administration's assault on the Catholic Church through the health care mandate.


"It is a threat and insult to every religious group. And as president, I will abolish it," Romney said.



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