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Baseball Game in Mexico Disrupted by Gun Battle

Yes, it's the beginning of bracket frenzy today, but it's always in-season to talk about America's pastime, right? This story has to do with America's pastime taken south of the border. How lucky are we that in this country, entertainment for us can be just that --entertainment--without fear of a massive gunfight breaking out, as  Kevin Kaduck observes?


"The nice and peaceful flow of a friendly baseball game was interrupted in a Mexican city named Saltillo on Tuesday as a gun battle between police and four gunmen broke out near the ballpark. As you can see in the scary photo above, players from the Triple-A level Saltillo Saraperos and the youth team they were playing an exhibition against were forced to grab whatever cover they could as police killed three of the gunmen and wounded another."

The pictures from the event are pretty sobering. Thank heavens for U.S. freedom and security, where dangerous often falls under whether a singer will forget the words to the National Anthem to start the game.

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