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Country Music: Giving Voice to American Values

Country music isn't scared to give voice to traditional American values--and the genre is gaining momentum within the entertainment industry and with audiences worldwide.


From Townhall Magazine's EXCLUSIVE feature Country-Main:

"The chest-thumping popularity of patriotic songs such as Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." galvanized the long but somewhat loose relationship between much of the country music business and conservatives in culture and even politics, especially post-Sept. 11. There's a reason that right-wing talker Sean Hannity says country is his "favorite" kind of music--and Martina McBride's "Independence Day" has been one of the fixtures of the bumper interludes in his radio show. ...

"Whether it is country pop or traditional, country music has something to say to middle America," said Rob Weiner, the pop culture historian at Texas Tech University and a longtime analyst of country music's role in American life. "Even today there is the perception that country artists come straight from America's heartland--and that somehow country artists are a little more honest than, say, traditional pop or rock 'n' roll."


Get the August issue of Townhall Magazine to read Dale Buss' full analysis of why country music, a venue that unabashadly promotes American values, is gaining momentum at home and abroad.

"Support for the U.S. military is as characteristic of country as the steel guitar. For example, artists such as Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry make a point of entertaining American troops abroad on a regular basis. ... Country also reflects a lot of cross-pollination with contemporary Christian music both thematically and individually. Underwood, for instance, doesn't record praise and worship songs, but it's pretty clear from her music that she's got a personal relationship with Jesus." ~ from Dale Buss in Country-Main

Order Townhall Magazine today to get the full analysis in the August issue.


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