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Senate Schedules Cloture Vote on Cap, Cut, and Balance

Sen. Harry Reid has reportedly scheduled a cloture vote on the motion to proceed for the House's Cap, Cut and Balance Act, a much harder-hitting solution to the debt ceiling negotations than the plan offered by GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell.


According to ABC News, McConnell said he's looking forward to the vote.

According to GOP Rep. Bob Goodlate, the McConnell plan hadn't been very well-received over in the GOP-controlled House, but both he and fellow GOP Rep. Alan Nunnelee understand that the Senate GOP -- as the minority party in that chamber - has an uphill battle to climb in debt ceiling proposals.

"This wouldn't even be an issue," Nunnelee said, if the GOP in the Senate had the same numbers as it does in the House. He added that conservatives in the House, as the majority party there, have the responsibility to put forth a plan and actually govern.

Nunnelee did say he's convinced the Senate and House GOP leadership, despite the differences in the plans being tossed about, do talk several times a day, and Goodlatte said he feels that there has been good communication in the long-term between key GOP leadership in the two chambers.


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