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Glenn Beck and Family Accosted in New York

Will President Obama of the beer summit call these people out? Glenn Beck and his family were attending a movie at a park in New York when they were confronted in what Beck described on his radio show as a "hostile" situation, with someone kicking a cup of wine intentionally onto his wife's back. People took pictures of the family, ones that Beck said are now posted online.


It's a pretty heart-rending story. His daughter asked that he go to the movie with her, he said he wouldn't be able to, and then finally decided to go.

"Honey, I can't go," Beck said he told her (again, recounting the episode on his radio show).

"Dad, it's not like that, you're gonna be fine," Beck's daughter said.

But at the park, someone said to his daughter and wife, "We hate conservatives here."

You can listen to Beck tell the whole story here.


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