White House Denies Paper Access for Running Front-Page Romney Op-Ed?

Elisabeth Meinecke
Posted: May 18, 2011 9:50 AM
The Boston Herald today ran a story saying they had been denied full access to the president's fundraiser in Boston by the White House. According to the Herald, the White House took issue with the newspaper’s front page placement of a Mitt Romney op-ed, implying it was unfair and biased to do so, because it left no room on the front page to mention the president's visit.

Herald quotes White House spokesperson Matt Lehrich on the denial: "I tend to consider the degree to which papers have demonstrated to covering the White House regularly and fairly in determining local pool reporters. .. My point about the op-ed was not that you ran it but that it was the full front page, which excluded any coverage of the visit of a sitting U.S. President to Boston. I think that raises a fair question about whether the paper is unbiased in its coverage of the President’s visits."

The Herald also quotes the White House as saying that arrangements had already been made to have the Boston Globe to have local pool duty for the visit.

Dear gosh. Maybe someone should tell The One that the actual Messiah didn't receive A1 treatment when he visited a city.