Huckabee Email to 'Inner Circle' Indicats He's In?

Posted: May 14, 2011 12:54 PM
It's been a round of conflicting media reports on whether Mike Huckabee will again seek the GOP nomination for president, but his email to an 'inner circle,' as Time describes it, is the clearest indication so far that he may indeed run:

"Many friends have said, "how can we help you in the decision?" My answer has consistently been, "Pray that I have clarity." I have it and will share it Saturday night during the show. Please be patient if I don't respond immediately to an email because I expect that once I pull the trigger Saturday night, things will get even crazier, as if that's possible."

An AP news story from earlier, however, indicated the former Arkansas governor won't run.

he email reiterates that Huckabee will announce whether or not he'll run tonight on his Fox News show.