More Vandalism Against Pro-Lifers

Posted: May 11, 2011 2:46 PM
Students for Life has another stunning report of vandalism against a pro-life display on a college campus (remember, there was this harrowing event the week before Easter).

This one occurred at SUNY University at Buffalo, according to the Students For Life blogpost, which also said the university president won't make a public statement until the results of the campus police investigation are revealed.

The vandalism itself? First, the vandals pulled up the crosses and used them to write "Pro-Choice." Then, after the pro-life group corrected the display, the vandals came back again, pulled up the crosses, and wrote, "Love All." Since the pro-lifers agreed with the message, they left those words and simply put back the rest of the crosses in the display. So the vandals came back, this time writing "LOL Babies."

Guess what? Nobody's laughing. "Each time the pro-life display was vandalized, UB Students for Life notified the UB Police Department," said Students for Life in the blogpost.