More bin Laden Operation Details from House Intel Committee Chairman

Posted: May 02, 2011 1:15 PM
Rep. Mike Rogers, the chairman of the U.S. intelligence committee in the House, spoke with the press today about the death of Osama bin Laden.

Rogers said the U.S. was good at collecting the evidence found on the scene. He also said that the mission "clearly demonstrates the new intelligence community after 9/11."

He also said he thought it showed the value of a consistent interrogations policy.

"I do believe it is a great example of how important interrogations are," Rogers said.

Regarding people's concern that Pakistan allowed bin Laden to camp out in a $1 million compound in a fairly settled area of the country, Rogers said that there definitely will be questions asked, but pointed out Pakistan may have internal turmoils as well that could be a roadblock to 100% unity with the United States. He did say that they have been helpful to U.S. counterterrorism and investigations but reminded the press that liason partnerships are never all-in propositions.

He also implied the DNA testing (how they identified Osama's body for certain) was not single-sourced.

Rogers said today should not be a day to disagree with the president's actions or motives on this mission and believes the timing of the decision was made to increase likelihood of success of getting bin Laden. He said both the Bush and Obama administrations deserve credit.