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China is a difficult cookie for the U.S.: it's the biggest foreign holder of our debt, and it's also one of the worst human rights nations in the world (a financier with no morals holding your debt is kind of a bad thing, no? Didn't anyone in government read T
he Merchant of Venice?).

These human rights violations are nowhere more troubling than China's terrible forced abortions/reproductive policy. Yet the Obama administration decides to appoint a pro-choice ambassador as our representative to China. Steve Ertelt of LifeNews.com has the background on new ambassador Gary Locke and on the U.S.'s soft stance regarding China's human rights violations:

"Locke, himself, is a former two-term governor of the state of Washington, where he supported abortion, opposed legislation to ban partial-birth abortions and opposed legislation to allow parents to know when their daughters were considering one."

Read more here.

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