According to TIME, Nothing Happened in 2010

Posted: Dec 29, 2010 9:10 AM
"Nothing much happened in 2010," begins the column of TIME's Joe Klein. I wish someone would have let me know...I'd have taken the year off work. Klein pays lip service to all the things you would think should make the list (for better or for worse), but apparently, a historic win by the GOP in the House paled in comparison to the economic disaster that was 2009. He claims the stimulus and bailouts then did their job...which, I assume, is exactly why we're currently at 9.8% unemployment.

Seriously, nothing much happened in 2010? Not even the breaking of Brett Favre's consecutive game starts?But then, I guess if all you've been waiting for is the Second Coming, nothing much in the world matters after 2008 anyway.

According to Klein, "It becomes utterly impossible to deal with abstract long-term threats like climate change, a flaccid educational system and the economic cancer caused by financial speculation."

Guess what? New York is very much right now trying to deal with the abstract long-term threat of climate change.  Their global warming precautions are currently buried under a pile of snow.  God has a sense of humor, even if, so it appears, Klein doesn't.