GOP Is Making Message War/Agenda Harder Than It Needs to Be

Posted: Nov 11, 2010 10:19 AM
I've seen a few interviews now with GOP members where an anchor has pushed for specifics and gotten vague responses on what the GOP's agenda is. While I understand not wanting to promise something you can't deliver, the GOP ends up looking bad in these interviews, which isn't helping their cause. All the GOP member needs to say is they will at least pass legislation in the House that they know will help -- and then the  American people will know exactly who is stonewalling these reforms (Democrat-controlled White House and Senate).

There are at least 6 things the GOP House can pass right off the bat that most Americans would be open to, that would make an impact on the economy, and that they can win the message war on. 

1)Extend Bush tax cuts
2)Abolish death tax
3)Health care competitive across state lines
4)Lower corporate tax rates (makes us competitive with rest of the world)
5)Defund Planned Parenthood (fiscally a good move, too)
6)Balance budget