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Frank Ricci was one of the firefighters from New Haven, Connecticut who led the charge against reverse racism in the infamous case that went to the Supreme Court...the one that overrulled a lower court ruling by Sonia Sotomayor of all judges. Now the liberal left have their targets set on this first responder whose job it is to save lives:

From the Judicial Confirmation Network:

Liberals have launched an 11th-hour smear campaign against an honorable firefighter – Frank Ricci – who is scheduled to testify this week at the Senate confirmation hearings of Obama Supreme Court nominee and liberal judicial activist Sonia Sotomayor.

Frank Ricci is one of 19 New Haven, Connecticut firefighters who were denied promotion because they were the wrong color. 
When they went to court to assert their constitutional rights, Judge Sotomayor tried to throw Frank Ricci and other New Haven firefighters out of court and bury their claims asking for fair and equal treatment.  Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Sotomayor just last month, drawing needed attention to her judicial shenanigans and racial preference activism.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s nominee has a long history of this type of activism. Sotomayor now has one of the highest levels of public opposition of any Supreme Court nominee in the last two decades, according to the latest CNN poll.  And no wonder: She has openly said that her status as a "wise Latina" means she makes better decisions than a white male, and that judges are entitled to decide cases based on their own personal views and agenda.

Sotomayor has also made clear her agenda includes activism for racial quotas.

While the left always seems to say they want to judge things on the merits, going dirty has always been on of their tacticts:

What is particularly shocking about this stealth campaign is that in order to try and discredit him, liberals are using the fact that he has dyslexia and once raised a legal claim based on this disability. The extremist group People for the American Way has been secretly urging journalists to smear Ricci for properly asserting his rights as a disabled person under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Three things to do:
- Sign the Judicial Watch petition at www.judicialnetwork.com and stop this outrage,
- Contact them direectly at 202-467-4999 or go to their website and let them know you don't like their dirty tricks!,
- Please call or email Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at (202-224-3542, http://reid.senate.gov/contact/)  and Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy at (202-224-7703, senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov) and ask them to publicly disavow this last-minute smear campaign against Frank Ricci.

This is wrong and we can stop that!



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