Review of Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted

Posted: Mar 16, 2009 8:00 AM

News Talk 660 KSKY recently hosted the Dallas premier of Media Malpractice: How Obama got Elected and Palin was Targeted and the response of the audience was tremendously positive. For me, I was equally impressed and here is my review of this must-see movie.

There is a reason "document" is the first word in documentary as filmmaker John Ziegler has documented from start to finish how in the tank the media was with Barack Obama in his film Media Malpractice: How Obama got Elected and Palin was Targeted.

Mr. Ziegler, who describes himself as a libertarian and was once a talk-show hosts, used his own money to finance the project that details the rise of Barack Obama from a no-name first term U.S. Senator (with little experience and help from the political machine in Chicago to get him elected by getting everyone else off the ballot in the primary) to President of the United States...with the complete help and what appears to be coordinated effort of the Main Stream Media.

The film starts out with Barack Obama's press conference, after winning the Senate Seat, saying he will not run for President and the words "I am a believer in knowing what you are doing when you apply for a job," even though he had no proven knowledge of knowing what he was doing when running for President.  From that point on, John Ziegler "documents" the rise of this man with dubious qualifications.

Going back on the theme that the media was squarely on the side of Sen. Clinton, John King of CNN, from an October 22nd interview to South Carolina ETV, is pointed out showing this very same fact:

"When people say now that we haven't spent enough time looking at Barack Obama's background...a lot of that was because people were looking at Senator Clinton early on as the front runner and thinking well this guy he's going to mount a good race...but he can’t possible beat her and then he does and we're on to the general election. I think there is some very legitimate criticism that we did not treat all the candidates in the democratic race...equally because of the Clinton obsession in the national media."

From that point on, he documents how the media uses its influence to decide the race and become a cheerleader for Barack Obama after quickly deciding he was the new face, the fresh face, to support over Hillary. She simply became old news and their "target" to go after...until the general election. How?

During the debate when Sen. Clinton was roundly criticized of her answer to the NY Governors decision on driver licenses for illegals, that same criticism evaporated when Barack Obama essentially made the same argument days later. Chris Matthews enthusiastically agrees with John McCain in his criticism of Barack Obama's ineffectiveness in lobbying reform only later to have a "chill running up his leg" in describing how he feels about "The One," a label given to Obama by Oprah. Their change came after the New Hampshire primary when the media decided to openly show their colors of making Obama their cherished candidate.

Any criticism of Obama, from that point on, would not be accepted by the main stream media including ex-communicating Geraldine Ferraro when she dared say Obama's credentials were weak and his success was largely due to him being black.  However, the late Tim Russert attributed Obama's win in Mississippi to his appeal to blacks. A double standard, which is a theme to Ziegler's film throughout.

Then, after they anoint Obama as the winner of the Democratic primary, the target becomes Sarah Palin and the sleazy journalism is shown in vivid clips of Internet stories and interviews with the Alaskan Governor that demonstrates an objective of destruction.

This film should be a standard piece of Journalism 101 in ever college in America, demonstrating how not to cover a campaign and what bias clearly is. However, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none (and Slim just left the building) because professors in America are willing accomplishes in this organized effort to advance liberalism and destroy conservatives. That being said, both College and Young Republicans across America should purchase this film and organize events around it as the battle cry for a new journalism in this country. A journalism that is built on fairness and accuracy, not organized attempts at destruction and blatant bias.

John Ziegler has not made blind accusations without fact, in stark contrast to the media, because of his excellent job of interweaving of Internet stories and news footage to prove his point of Media Malpractice. This is an important film for those who treasure accurate reporting to pull out and replay over and over again. This has to be a staple in your library.

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