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With the poll numbers falling as more Americans see the porkapalooza bill, Barack Obama has gone the route of editorial writer to help him.

"In recent days, there have been misguided criticisms of this plan that echo the failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis -- the notion that tax cuts alone will solve all our problems; that we can meet our enormous tests with half-steps and piecemeal measures; that we can ignore fundamental challenges such as energy independence and the high cost of health care and still expect our economy and our country to thrive
," writes Barack Obama in The Washington Post.

Hmmm, Barack Obama says American's are misguided and doesn't understand we need our porkpalooza.

"By now, it's clear to everyone that we have inherited an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the days of the Great Depression," he adds.

Look at the numbers:

When the Democrats took control of Congress, our unmployment rate was at 4.5% and now it is at 7.5% -- compare that to 4.2% when President Bush took office...who has made it worse?

When the Democrats took control, gas prices were in the lower $2.00 range and rose to over $4.00 until President Bush signed an executive order allowing drilling on the continental shelf and gas prices came down.

The inheritance, Mr. Obama, is from a Democratic controlled congress that did nothing for two years and who were at the forefront of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- agencies that caused the current problem we are in. The only thing Obama has been able to do is to use the main stream media to hide this and blame a lame duck President. This is a bad bill, the American people know this, and you're trying to get Republicans to come on board so you can say "See, it wasn't just us." If it is such a good bill, with majorities in both chambers, pass it and live with the results. You just know that means losses in 2010 and 2012. Good political strategy, bad policy for America.

"Because each day we wait to begin the work of turning our economy around, more people lose their jobs, their savings and their homes. And if nothing is done, this recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse," again says Barack Obama.

Speaker Nancy Peloisi said yesterday that 500 million jobs are lost every month, whose right ... the Speaker or the President? Perhaps neither.  I outlined the ridiculous pork yesterday, if you want a government shopping spree that does nothing to help the American people now, call your Senator and tell him/her to vote for porkapalooza. If you want real change, tell them to vote no. Ronald Reagan did not turn America around from the disastorus Carter Recession by having a pork fest, he did it by lowering taxes and reducing the size of government and it worked!

Part of the problem is that Barack Obama feels he has inherited something no other president has, and is using typical democratic tactics of fear-mongering.

"While the present situation is dire, the crises faced by other new presidents seemed -- and really were -- very real to them and the American people at the time. It's a natural tendency of all peoples, in all times, to believe that their own travails are the worst ever. Without personal recollection or close study of earlier crises, modern folks tend to minimize the severity of past slumps. But most elected in the last century faced tougher times," writes Knight Kiplinger.

"Of all recent new presidents, it was Carter's successor, Ronald Reagan, who faced an economic crisis most similar in magnitude (though dissimilar in kind) to what Obama faces right now. And it was Reagan who met his challenges with the greatest boldness. Reagan's stimulus package consisted primarily of deep cuts in marginal tax rates, slashing the top rate from 70% to 50% in 1981 and 33% in 1986...it worked, pushing inflation down to less than 4% over the course of two years."

Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan, but let's hope he follows his path and not the typical Democratic one of fear-mongering that he's on now. 

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