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Michael Steele on GOP Being Obstructionists


Amanda brings up MSNBC's setting up new GOP Chairman Michael Steel for failure by trying to label him as an obstructionist, consider what Steele said over the weekend while appearing on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: ... if you end up with a bill that is passed by the House and the Senate, and every House member, Republican House member, votes against it, and every Senate Republican member votes against it, you don't think there's any danger that they're going to be seen as obstructing?

STEELE: Why? If I — if I think you've proposed something that is not in my best interests, why am I an obstructionist if I don't agree with it?

Why should I agree with something just because you proposed it? Why should I agree with it just because you have a 70 percent approval? You can still be wrong with a 70 percent approval rating. (click here for video)

Question, were Democrats obstructionists from 2001 to 2007? Standing on principle is something the GOP needs to do these next four years Obama is in office.

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